For the Kids

Always a fun place

Activities for the Kids

There is a lot to discover for our youngest guests. Nature always plays a central role at Beleef Lauwersoog. Nature gives the kids, and us too of course, the sensation of freedom. Let your fantasy run wild and discover!

For our camping guests there is a special ‘Rangers’ animation program.
It’s also possible to have a children’s (birthday)party at Beleef Lauwersoog.

For our day-to-day visitors we have multiple playgrounds that are free to play and where fantasy can run wild.

''Tree trunks become climbing objects, nature is always nearby at Lauwersoog. The wonderous world of the woods and lake offers a lot of adventure and entertainment for kids. Adventurous kids will feel right at home in Lauwersoog and find a place where they can freely play, discover climb and crawl.''

Go wild in our indoor playground of a whopping 300 m3 at our attic! Climbing, crawling, sliding across the track, gliding down the slide and taking a dive in the ball pit.

Playing isn’t just fun, it can also be educational. Learn in a playful manner about the forces of water with loads of water-driven playground objects.

Lauwersoog has a close connection to nature and knows like no other which sensation of freedom it brings. Let your fantasies run wild and fully enjoy nature!