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Lauwersoog and water are inextricably connected. Whether it concerns the large Lauwersmeer Lake, the even bigger Waddensea or the smaller puddles scattered across the vicinity. Al this water offers loads of possibilities to experience a nice day out. Step aboard one of our ships for a spectacular tour across the World Heritage Waddensea or the National Park of Lauwersmeer. A unique chance to enjoy the stunning nature and its inhabitants.  

Seal Tours & Sandbank Expeditions

The Waddensea area is on the few places in the Netherlands where you can find seals in their natural habitat. Through the tides the Waddensea changes throughout the day and the seals have to constantly adapt to these changes. Our tours are sailed at rising ... more information

Special group price for groups ranging from 30 to 150 persons.
Duration: 2 or 3,5 hour

From € 16,-

Rescueboat Expeditions

We have a truly spectacular experience for the real adventurers; a ride across the Waddensea towards the North Sea with a rescueboat. Conquer the waves, feel the wind in your hair and experience the G-forces. Big chance you’ll spot some seals ...  more information

Suited for groups up to 24 persons. 
Duration: 1,5 up to 3 hours.

From:  € 39,50 per person

Intertidal walk from Brakzand to Schiermonnikoog

An intertidal walk is an unique and sportive experience in the midst of the World Heritage Wadden Sea. The bottom of the Wadden Sea becomes exposed once the low tide sets in allowing you to walk on top of it. A unique must-do experience!  more information

Minimum age 12 years
Duration: 3 uur / 12 km 

From € 35,-

Dark Sky Expedition

National Park Lauwersmeer is one of the few places in the Netherlands with a Dark Sky licence. It means that the area is free of ‘light pollution’. At night it’s truly dark, pitch black. It is so dark that at night you’ll be able to see the night sky like you’ve never seen... more information

Duration:  2 hours 

From € 16,-