For sale

Would you like to invest or are you looking for your own holiday accommodation? Then Beleef Lauwersoog can help you. We offer a variety of holiday accommodations in our park in the breathtaking Lauwersmeer Lake National Park just a stone’s throw from UNESCO World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea. It is a beautiful area for recreation and we’re open year round. We have a variety of properties for personal use or as a rental or investment property. It’s up to you!

Considering purchasing an accommodation in our park? Feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to make an appointment, give you an extensive tour of our park and provide you with all the information you need, and of course without any further obligation.

Project Gritter Chalets

A relocation project were several Gritter Chalets will be moved to an empty lot on the park. As a buyer you will have a say in where the chalet will be relocated. Well maintained chalets with sleeping acccommodations for six persons. 


For sale

Mobile Home - Pampusplaat 4

A well maintained mobile home with a spacious and low maintenance terrace and wooden shed. 

Mobile Home - Pampusplaat 10

A well maintained mobile home with a, partially roofed, porch and easy to maintain garden.

Mobile Home - Robbengat 9

A well maintained mobile home with a secluded terrace and adjacent shed. 

Mobile Home - Robbengat 22

A well maintained Mobile Home with low-maintaince garden and a secluded terrace with a shed. 

Mobil Home - Robbengat 70

A well maintained Mobil Home with a spacious garden.

Mobile Home - Robbengat 86

A well maintained Mobil Home with a secluded garden and a shed.